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Day 1: Mandalay Arrival
Day 2: Sagaing – Ava – Amarapura
Day 3: Mandalay – Monywa
Day 4: Monywa - Pakkoku
Day 5: Pakkoku – Mindat
Day 6: Mindat
Day 7: Mindat
Day 8: Mindat – Kanpatlat
Day 9: Kanpatlat – Bagan
Day 10: Bagan
Day 11: Bagan – Yangon
Day 12: Yangon
Day 13: Yangon Departure


Day 1: Mandalay

Upon arrival at Mandalay international airport, you will be warmly welcomed by guide. Start sightseeing includes last Royal Palace of Myanmar king’s which was destroyed during Second World War and it was reconstructed in 1996, Shwe Nan Daw Monastery with finest wood-carvings which was place of last breath of king Mindon, Kuthodaw pagoda consisting of 729 marble slabs of Tri-pitaka which has been recorded as the world largest book and second largest marble-carved Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image. Enjoy sunset with break taking views at natural tower, Mandalay Hill.

Overnight at Mandalay  



Day 2: Sagaing – (Ava) Inwa- Amarapura

After breakfast at hotel, drive to Sagaing, the largest religious site in the country. Visit to “Soonooponyashin” pagoda on the top of Sagaing Hill, very interesting with its background history and panoramic view of combination of two rivers, and “U Min-Thone-Sel” thirty-caves in which you can see 45 same-sized seated Buddha images. Then continue drive to Inwa and arrive at the jetty. Take the ferry-boat to cross the Dotehtawaddi river and horse-cart for sightseeing in Innwa (ancient capital of Myanmar Kings). Visit to the Bagayar Monastery built with large teak woods and some carvings, and “Yadanarsimi” Pagoda complex.





The horse cart will bring you to the Nanmyint watch-tower, only one still remaining thing from Inwa royal palace buildings. Your visit will be finished at “Mahaaungmyaybonesan” brick-made monastery, the finest architectural religious monument of Inwa era. Last visit to U Bein Bridge, the world’s longest teak bridge for long walk to see local life and beautiful surroundings and amazing sunset. After sightseeing, drive back to Mandalay.

Overnight at Mandalay







Day 3: Mandalay-Monywa

After breakfast, drive to Monywa is a provincial city in central Myanmar, 136 km north-west of Mandalay. It serves as a major trading center for India and Burma through Kalay Myo road and Chindwin River. Visit to Thanboddhay Pagoda, its modern architecture is unique and the most revered pagoda among Buddhists. There are many different Buddha images, row upon row in ascending tiers in niches along the walls with an amazing total number of 582257.






Most of the pagodas in Myanmar guarded by lion statues, unlikely this pagoda is guarded by statues of a pair of magnificent white elephants which are sacred and auspicious in Buddhist symbolism. Continue your visit to the nearby Bodhi Tataung (1000 Bodhi trees: under each tree one seated-Buddha image is placed), the most impressive Standing Buddha Image (130 meters) which has been recognized as the world longest one. After sightseeing, go to the hotel for check-in.
Overnight in Monwya







Day 4: Monywa-Pakokku

After breakfast at hotel, drive to the famous caves of Po Win Daung, 25 kilometers west of Monywa. Watch sandstone caves which contain many carved Buddha images and well preserved mural paintings of Nyaungyan period in 16 century. Some caves have beautiful exterior decorations with mythical features such giant, angles and animals. It has to be popular pilgrimage site among the local visitors. Continue driving to Pakokku, in historically it was a very important trading port so it was promoted as a town from village by British.





This lovely small town is located at mouth of combination with Chindwin and Ayeyarwaddy river. Start sightseeing at Pakakokku with a visit to Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda and Thihoshin Pagoda (most revered pagodas of region). Then explore at the town market selling local products, fruits, from foods to shoes, clothes and region’s popular thanatkha logs (traditional cosmetic paste). In the evening, you will pass by the longest bridge built on the Ayeyarwaddy River to stroll at the jetty (bustling trading place).

Overnight in Pakokku








Day 5: Pakokku – Mindat
After breakfast at hotel, we drive up to Chin State (land of many sub-groups which although historically related now speak divergent languages and have different cultural and historical identities). The road to Mindat is still rough and bumpy. On the way; you will see vast mountain ranges and simple Chin villages. We will bring you to the local market, some authentic village and other interesting site by walking. Some dwellers in the ancient villages have been living there since last one century and kept remaining in their own traditional way of life. Their traditional costumes are simple but colorful. Their folk-dancing are very different from others in the country. The most attraction on the tour is to see the tattooed faces Chin women. Elder women tattooed on their face as their traditional decoration and beauty. All of the villages in this land are on the hillside and valley of the Chin mountain range.
Overnight at Mindat



Day 6: Mindat
After breakfast, start to trek to some villages. Trekking in Chin is the ideal excrsion to explore the authentic nature and culture of Chin highland tribes especially for the tourists who want to explore new exotic places where tourists have never been and rarely visited. This tour is suitable for a traveler who wants to make walking trip among the forest mountain also. Visit to the Chin hill tribal villages will send you back to one century ago. Trekking and walking among the beautiful forest mount, enjoy the nature of wild life, observe the way of life of mountain people, agricultural fields, local authentic foods and beautiful of their tattooed faces will be main attraction of this tour. This chin trip is designed to make an expedition to unspoiled villages on the removed area of the country.
Overnight in Mindat




Day 7: Mindat
After breakfast, explore to the fascinating untapped exotic authentic villages to touch with chill people’s life. The small villages in Chin State, Kanpalet and Mindut, where international traveler are visiting for picturesque beautiful scenery and fine weather, are the main gate ways for Chin trekking and expedition trips. Along the way, you will see colorful small flowers and orchids, as well as lichens, mushrooms and other fungi thriving in the wet, misty conditions. As chin people have been hunting since many centuries ago, you can see various skulls of animals proudly hanging on walls of their house on your trekking. The colorful rhododendrons (Land mark of Chin State) are blooming in late November and December.
Overnight at Aye Sa Kan (between Mindat and Kanpatlat) 




Day 8: Mindat-Kanpatlat

After breakfast, drive to Kanpatlat at a little early morning. When you arrive at Kanpatlat Township, continue drive passing through deep forest to Nat Ma Taung national park. See some villages around Kanpatlat. Today Mt. Victoria and Chin Discovery trekking trip is combination of cultural sightseeing in old Chin villages and trekking to the Mt. Victoria (locally called “Khaw Nu Sone” the third highest in peak Myanmar) which lies in Natmataung ational park in Southern Chin State. And you will see different Chin races, especially Chin ladies who have different tattoo design on their faces after their ethnic group. 




You will have opportunity to learn about unspoiled removed area and see the mountain tribes who are living in their old traditional as one century ago. Around Mt. Victoria, there are 4 different Chin tribes who live on the mountains with their own culture and ethical customs. Trekking in Chin mountain is become popular expedition trips in Myanmar. Natmataung Park is not only the main trekking area but also it is one of the best please for bird-watchers in Chin state. You will observe the forest trees which are covered in deep red flowers, occasionally cascades of white blooms falling. On the forest floor, tumbling down the steep sides of the ridge, are smaller rhododendron plants with large red flowers.
Overnight in Kanpatlat 





Day 9: Kampatlat-Bagan
After breakfast, we will drive to Bagan (the biggest Buddhist temple complex area in the world) via Chauk where petroleum is being produced. Driving from high altitude land to dry zone will make perfect trip with different beauty and weather. You will arrive at Bagan in afternoon and check-in at hotel. In the evening time, climb on the sunset hill to see the beautiful sunset with breathtaking view over thousands of pagodas.

Overnight in Bagan





Day 10: Bagan

After breakfast at hotel, start temple exploration to Ananda Temple which remains as one of the finest and most beautiful of all Bagan’s architectural buildings, Htilominlo Temple is a big three story red brick temple in there exquisite finely detailed plaster still remaining, Dhammayangyi Pahto is Bagan’s most massive and famous for its brick-working. Next visit to Upali Thein, in this ordination hall there are some brightly painted frescoes on the walls and ceilings, Mingalazedi built by King Narathihapati later known as “Tayokepyaymin” in Burmese history.






-Continue visit to the Shwezigon Paya is prototype of late Myanmar stupas and its festival always held during the Burmese calendar month of Nadaw (November/December), Thatbinnyu Temple is the tallest building in Bagn high 61 meters, Gawdawpalin Temple (paying obeisance to the forefathers), Sulamani Temple (get big damage hit by strong earthquake happened in 2016). Your tour will end with the Royal Palace of Bagan which was reconstructed on the original palace compound.

Overnight at Bagan







Day 11: Bagan-Yangon
After breakfast at hotel, transfer to the Nyaung U airport to fly to Yangon with domestic morning flight. When you arrive at Yangon airport, transfer to hotel for check-in and take time for short rest. In late afternoon, visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda (Land mark of Myanmar) to see how majestic it is, observe Buddhists religious activities and spirituality and enjoy beautiful sunset with panoramic view as well as peaceful atmosphere. This wonderful Pagoda is located amazingly on the Seingattara Hill (derived from saying “Theinkotemaya” means “Falcon can’t catch”) and it highs about 100 m which is covered with gold-leaves weighing 60 tons. It was built since 2600 years ago by enshrining Four Buddha’s invaluable relics.
Overnight in Yangon 



Day 12: Yangon

After breakfast at hotel, start tour sightseeing to the Sule Pagoda stands in the heart of the city, collection of various religious buildings around there. Take a short walk to the Mahabandoola public park, which contains the Independence monument, Town Hall registered at the list of Yangon Heritage sites and High court, the partly occupied building now functions as a local court. Explore to shop at Bogyoke Aungsan Market or Scott Market selling various souvenirs, colorful national races’ dresses, jewelry-made fancy things and a lot. Continue visit to Botahtaung Pagoda where can walk along a spiraling corridor with glass mosaic into the innermost part of the spire and see the relic chamber inside and visit to Chaukhtetgyi reclining pagoda (the second largest one in the world). After sightseeing, drive back to hotel.

Overnight in Yangon

Day 13: Transfer to the airport to take international flight for departure.


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