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Naypyidaw "royal capital" is the modern administrative capital of Myanmar (Burma), 320 km north of former capital, Yangon. Naypyidaw is located between the Bago Yoma and Shan Yoma mountain ranges. The city covers an area of 7,054.37 km2 (2,723.71 sq mi) and has a population of 924,608, according to national census of 2014. It is comprised of 8 townships. Traditional tiered roofs crown the buildings of its Parliament (Hluttaw) complex. The National Museum exhibits Burmese art and ancient artifacts. The golden stupa of Uppatasanti Pagoda has an interior carved with Jataka stories from Buddhist literature.
Good irrigation system is providing fruitfully for agriculture. Chaungmagyi Dam is located a few kilometers to the north of Naypyidaw, while Ngalaik Dam is a few kilometers to the south. The Yezin Dam is farther away in the north-east. And it is major Ministry zone contains the headquarters of Myanmar's government ministries. All the ministry buildings are identical in appearance A parliamentary complex consisting of 31 buildings and a 100-room presidential palace are also located there. The zone also contains the city hall building, which has many characteristics of Stalinist architecture, but with a Burmese-style roof.
This is also popular shopping paradise for local shoppers. Naypyitaw Myoma Market is currently the commercial centre of Naypyidaw. Other shopping areas include Thapye Chaung Market and Junction Centre Naypyidaw. There are also many local markets and restaurant areas. Jade, rubies and pearls are on display at the Gem Museum. Northeast of the city, in Zeyar Thiri Township, the National Landmark Garden features miniature versions of national landmarks, including a model of Naypyitaw itself, plus fairground rides. Penguins and white tigers can be seen at the Zoological Garden. The vast Defence Services Museum is home to Spitfire planes, tanks and guns.

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