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Inlay Lake, its location is in the very heart of Shan State, Myanmar, is home to diverse ethnic people, mostly Inthas. There has many ways to accessible to Inle by car, and flight via Heho. Inle lake has been appeared as highland lake since 15 millions years and is over 1000 m above sea level and 12 miles wide and 4 miles long. It is surrounded by hazy Shan Mountains Ranges, thus, the weather is cooler and the atmosphere is nice. As it is bird sanctuary; can see numerous water-birds, winter birds, herbal plants, tortoises and otters. The residents are renowned for the unique leg-rowing style mainly when fishing and visiting. The people, Taung Yoe, Danu, Bamar, Pa-o and Inthas who are living with stilt houses on the lake known as water village and owned traditions, culture , foods and languages. Some live in simple houses made of wood and woven bamboo beside lake. Not only fishing but also they work blacksmith, robes weaving and cultivating. Inthas have also developed a singular form of aquaculture: a network of interwoven seaweed and hyacinths creates a thick layer of humus over the years, and this is attached to the bottom of the lake with bamboo poles, and then planted with tomatoes, cauliflower, aubergines and flowers.
The largest village on Inle Lake is Ywama. Each of its two-story houses has its own landing dock, and boats are kept at the lake level. Every five days market has been held called "floating market" brings buyers and sellers together in small boats on the lake. The markets sell a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, tobacco and local products. A highlight on Inle Lake is from the 1th waxing and full moon day of Thadingyut , usually occurred in October, which celebrates the most region’s revered Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival and attracts thousands of people from all over the country.

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