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Encouraging to develop CBT & Dolphin Watching Tours 

Ayeyarwaddy Dolphins was recorded and given name by John Anderson in 1875. He discovered them in the Ayeyarwaddy river, Chindwin river, Mainmahla island in delta region and Rakkhine costal region in Myanmar. These aquatic mammals has been protected by regarding Dolphin Conservative Areas along the Ayeyarwaddy river. WCS Myanmar (Wild Life Conservation Society), Department of fishery & livestock, Ministry of Hotels & Tourism and Local villages are making cooperation for this concern with long term programme.

WCS Myanmar and other associated departments implemented CBT project (Community Based Tourism) for local villages by aiming at local prosperity and well beings. These project has been flourished in the Dolphin Protected areas. For nature lover and different tour finding tourists loved to see the cooperative fishing between local fishermen and dolphins.

Dolphin Community Lodge was opened recently at Indaung village on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river. It was built in traditional way like local houses at there. Our travel team participated for encouragement of local community development and conservation of Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin.

If the tourists arrivals is increased for Dolphin watching tour, the traditional fishing with dolphin and products will be long-lasting. The residents in the villages are very friendly and welcoming the tourists. Typical rural life and beauty of river will also make tourists different from others and demonstration of cooperative fishing will make them amazing.

We are providing Dolphin watching & touching river life tour with different options and days.

Never miss to take this tour. Let's discover difference when you are in Myanmar.

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Paying effort to develop ecotourism (bird-watching) in Myanmar

Our travel managing director U Tun Tun Ko and his partner’s birders always give lecture and piratical for birding to trainees who already got guide license. We have been training new generations guides to be a good one and even if they can't be, they will know about birds to explain something to tourists. We are aiming to give help to protect birds and value them more as we reach from our field. Ecotourism in Myanmar is still needed to develop more and have many challenging to get fame among the nature lovers.

We can organize birding tour in Mandalay to see 6 kinds of Myanmar Endemic birds (Jerdon's Minivet, White-throated Babbler, Burmese Collared Dove, Burmese Bush Lark, Hooded Treepie and Ayeyarwaddy Bulbul). Formerly, Bagan is famous birding site for that 6 species. Now in Mandalay, if birders take two days, it is available. As Mandalay is international gate way, it is much easy to take international flight departure for foreign birders. We can make the special birding tours for bird-listers as well easy & budget birding tours as we have best experienced and junior birding guides. Hence, birding season from November to March in Mandalay is very gorgeous and make birders happy and satisfied.

Mt.Victoria (Nat Ma Taung, Chill Hill) is one of the highest mountains and the best birding spot in Myanmar as well in Asia. It is very well-known birding spot for local birders as well foreign birddographers & bird-watchers. It is the paradise for the rare species of forest birds like Assam Laughingthrush, Black-heade Shrike Babbler, Chin Hill Wren Warbler, Mt. Victoria Babex (Chinese Babex), Yellow-bellied flowerpecker, Streak-throated Barwing, Bar-tailed Tree-creepers, Raptors, Red-tailed Minla, White-browed Fluvetta, Hamiliyan Cutia and a lots. Birders can watch two Myanmar Endemic species (Burmese Bush Tit and White-browed Nuthtach) which can be found only at there. Birders can bird at there almost throughout the year expect rainy season.

We have operation team and professional birding guide for birding tour to there. And also, we have junior birding guide for the budget birding tour at Mandalay, Mt.Victoria, Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve, Hlawgar Park, Bagan and Kalaw.


Participation for cave training to be sustainable zones


Myanmar is comprised with various topographical features like different types of forests and landscpaes. In eastern and south western part of Myanmar, there are a lot of natural limestone caves mostly in large size and old age. Some caves have been regarded as an important evidences of residence of stone-aged people and their related utensils. Caves are essential to maintain fresh water resource of the forests. By connecting underground water can happen into streams. This way can create lime stone ecosystem. In the caves, rare species of bats, insects and birds are living. Cause of humans’ deeds such as over renovation, mining, killing bats & animals, caves are need to be reserved.

Nowadays, most caves are being reserved with modern infrastructure and lightening. All of them are already made as religious sites filling with Buddha statues, pagodas and monasteries. Huge amount of visitors is coming there daily. All are needed to maintain to last long in sustainable ways as they have unique value and attractions.

Beautiful and prominent caves attracting more tourists to visit. It is big opportunity to get more income for locals and create jobs. It will encourage for promoting tourism by responsible way. The professional advisor team from tourism sector and conservationists from Flora & Fauna International (FFI), shared knowledge and lecture to the participants. Our MIB Travel Agency will use the responsible way to bring the tourists and local visitors to the caves. We hope this cooperation will help to reserve caves, to become sustainable tour site, to use suitable infrastructure and development.


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