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Our Inspection Trip To The Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park


Our travel team went to the Alaungdawkathapa National Park in Sagaing Region for birding & tour inspection. It is very famous among the local pilgrims for paying homage to the sacred arahat Katha cave. It's pilgrimage season from November to March. During the season, pilgrims all over the country are coming here to pay homage and visit there. The landscape and scenery at country areas are very beautiful and colorful. Travelers love to see and touch with this rural experience.

The road to Aluangdawkathapa is recently upgraded and so it is better and more smooth to get there by small car, 4WD car and at most 33 seaters buses. Some foreign tourists who are interested in adventure trekking and birding are coming there. It is conserved national park and know as land of woodpeckers for birders. The travelers can take elephants-riding to get to the sacred cave. The cave is very natural and on the roof, there are many bats. In the cave, the water from the roof are dropping. For walking, we need to take 20 minutes. The local ways of life, morning activities, deep forests, big hard woods and views of mahouts & Myanmar elephants' lives are much interesting to see and it makes travelers much satisfactory and happy to be at there.

We are beginning to run pilgrimage tour for locals and birding & adventure tours for international travelers. We have professional birding guides and operation team. We will organize package tours for locals & tourists with reasonable price and best provided services. Besides, we are trying to organize wild elephants chasing and tiger watching tours in future. For more information, contact us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / visit us - www.mibtravelsandtours.com


Cooperation for Asia Water Birds Census (2017,2018,2019,2020) at Paleik & Pyu Wetlands 



MIB Travel Agency & Birding team is really thankful to all tour guides who was participated with full of effort for this event (Asia Water Census – 2017,2018,2019,2020) at Pyu & Paleik Lakes. Besides, we much appreciate for this annual cooperation. We want this lakes as good birding spots and to be long-lasting. We are trying to know these lakes among the foreign birders. We have bird species lists of these lakes for past four years.

We are hoping by doing conservation like this, it can give awareness to local to value and participate more. Formerly, if birders want to watch 6 endemic species, they need to go to Bagan. Now, they can do it in Mandalay. We have made survey and record.



Cooperation for Asia Water Birds Census (2017,2018,2019,2020) at Indawgyi Bioshpere Reserve


Our travel team cooperated successfully for Asia Waterbirds Cenus-2017,2018,2019,2020 for fouth times at Indawgyi Lake in Kachin State. We provided partially for all participators. We much appreciate for event. Indawgyi lake is very important fresh-water lake for near villages, birds, aquatic and other wild animals. This lake and arounds forests are officially regarded as Ramsite and Wildlife Sanctuary for Myanmar.

This lake is very essential for national pride. It is very untouched and clean water under good maintenance of authorized departments and conservation teams. We are hoping to be good ecotourism sites with green environs, beautiful lake, friendly races, good trekking routes, safe areas and breath-taking scenery and also to be one of must-see birding spot for international birders. In winter season from Mid November to March, we can see big groups of winter birds, water and forest birds. It is one of best birding spots in Myanmar. We have birds species lists of this lake for past four years.

Our giving hand and kind cooperation will help to save birds & wild animals to live freely and happily in nature without threat of hunters.



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