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Cooperation of conduction for CBT project


Myanmar tourism is booming prominently in recent years in various & different types of tours attracting to the international travelers. All of them, Community Based Tourism (CBT) is getting interests of travelers and tourist arrivals to the CBT sites is increasing gradually. All CBT sites have different attractions & unique theme to give taste of owned authentic traditions, culture, foods, ways of life and living style.

In Ayeyarwaddy Delta region, Warkhema Township, Tatseit village is starting to be a standardized CBT site. This village and arounds villages are located in the vast farm land and irrigation canals. Mostly, the residents make for living by fishing and farming. There are many areas of grass lands which are best habitats for rare bird species like Jerdon’s Babbler, Streak Weaver, Asian Golden Weaver and Sarus Crane. Warkhema township is one of the biggest Sarus Crane Protection sites in Myanmar under the conservation monitoring of WCS.

(MIB) Travel Agency Mananing Director & Owner, Mr. Tun Tun Ko cooperated for this project which is aiming at local prosperity and development. He taught Basic Spoken English to the young student’s villagers to speak English well, to develop capacity and to know about the tourism nature. As he was also throughout tour guide, he shared knowledge, ways of treating tourists, service mindset and to value the destination in sustainable ways. He assisted practical birding for the trainees at village with other professional trainers from WCS, bird researchers, and experienced advisers. He donated books to the residents as a volunteer. Our travel agency has been participating by giving hand to the conservation team to know & make flourishment more from tourism fields to protect natural resources and local’s destination. We believe that this cooperation will give help to protect rare bird species at this region with full of awareness from tourism sector.

We are hoping this CBT site to get fame & preference of tourists by experiencing with their ways of life, typical living style, products, foods, friendly people, traditions and rare birds & biodiversity. We much appreciate for this cooperation to improve Myanmar tourism from different aspect and thanks a lot to WCS for letting us to cooperate. We are trying to bring tourists to these CBT villages to make them different and find unique discovery of rural atmosphere.


Our Inspection For Hard Trekking Around Pyin Oo Lwin


Our travel team made inspection trip for 3 days/ 2 ngihts for hard trekking around the former British summer resort (May Myo). We found very untouched natural beauty spots of river, creeks, falls, caves, hard woods, faunas, wild flowers, birds, unusual product site and typical village. Very worthy to do it for nature lovers and adventure travelers. Besides, for those who want to skip from urban atmosphere & pagodas in Myanmar, we strongly recommend this program to choose.

The trekking routes are hills, flat lands, caves,creeks, falls and trails in the forest. About 10 different kinds of bamboos species, forest birds and mountains can be seen during the tour. We have been there with locals who have full of service mindset and skill about the routes. Camping in the forest and on the bank of the Dothtawaddy river gives full of satisfaction & wonder for this trekking tour.

We made boating in the Dothtawaddy river which is flowing in the middle of mountains and combined with Ayeyarwaddy rive near Ava old city. The river scenery is very beautiful in the morning and in the evening time, it is the best for photo taking.

If you try by yourself, you will see more than words. Let's go to this adventure trekking with us.


Our Inspection Trip To The Dothtawaddy River


Our travel team made tour inspection for doing new tour product for those who want to avoid urban atmosphere and pagodas. We have made many times to choose best attractions for tour. Boating in the Dothtawaddy River (three-named river) makes nature lovers amazing as they will see the breath-taking scenery of mountains, river life and green forest beside the river. We add lively local flower market and lime production site during the tour. Home host local lunch with Burmese foods is very lovely. Walking in the river-side typical village is giving full of rural experience and in the Makhaya old city is calling back to 14 century of kingdom with ancient religious monuments & exquisite arts of wall paintings.

No touristic site and very exotic & virgin for nature lovers. Pioneer tour arounds Mandalay . We are sure to give safety and satisfactory.We has made many times for inspection for tours to choose best spots to show and friendliness with locals to touch with their daily lives and products. We have experienced tour guide for the routes to give real taste, safe boat driver who knows the river & routes very well and operation team to run smoothly.

Dothtawaddy river is year round flowing river. Hence, it is very important for people of river-side villages for irrigation to grow crops, flowers and vegetables. Clients will see many vegetation fields and gardens along the river. Some part of the river is very similar with Amazon river. Islands and wetlands are become in the middle and beside of river. Untouched sites are always make youwonde and happy for the tirp. Seeing is believing. Let's get to this trip to discover leisure time away from the urban atmosphere. It will make you different .

If you want to discover the untapped natural beauty contact us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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